What is the Diversity + Parity Fund?


The Diversity + Parity Fund is an investment initiative to support organizations that focus on underrepresented groups and promote diversity within the music industry.

What is the mission of the fund?


The mission of the Diversity + Parity Fund is to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within the music industry. It aligns with Beatport's commitment to a more inclusive and welcoming space for all.

What does Diversity + Parity mean?


Diversity emphasizes recognizing and celebrating individual differences, while parity focuses on equal representation and opportunities for all. The aim is to create more inclusive and equitable environments in the global dance music community, addressing imbalances and inequalities that have existed for far too long.

Who can apply for funding?


Organizations that champion underrepresented groups and foster diversity within the music industry are eligible to apply.

Underrepresented refers to a group of people who are insufficiently or inadequately represented.

For a smaller pot: 1-3 number of staff

For a larger pot: 4+ number of staff

Can I apply from anywhere in the world?


Correct, the Diversity + Parity Fund accepts applications from organizations worldwide.

Who do we fund?


We fund organizations that align with our mission of promoting diversity within the music industry.

Previous recipients include:

Lady Of The House

Future Female Sounds

What do we fund?


We fund a diverse range of projects, which can include films, activations, events, record releases, and more. Our focus is on supporting projects that promote diversity and inclusivity.

Organisations should aim to execute their project within one year.

How do we decide who we fund?


Our diverse panel, including our DISA committee, reviews each application and makes a collective decision based on the alignment with our mission and eligibility criteria, as well as the true impact we believe the award can make towards helping you achieve your goals.

What is the deadline for the funding application?


The deadline for the funding application is August 22nd 2023, at 12.00 GMT.

The funding deadline has been extended to Sept 1st 2023, at 12.00 GMT.

Can you reapply if you've already received funds?


Yes, organizations that have previously received funds are welcome to reapply.

How much can I apply for?


We offer two funding pots to encourage participation from a wider pool of organizations. 

You can choose from $3,000 to $15,000 USD for a small organization (1-3 staff)

Or $15,000 to $30,000 USD for a large organization (4+ staff)

What do you receive if funded?


You will receive the requested grant amount and marketing support for one year. Other opportunities for support may be available on a case-by-case basis.

How long does the support last?


80% of the funds are released upon award, with the remaining 20% released after a 6-month review. 

Marketing support will be offered throughout the year. Beatport’s marketing team will assess each funded organization and its general timeline and provide a tailored marketing plan that aligns with the initiative.

What commitments are needed?


To receive funding, you must adhere to certain obligations. These include signing the provided contract, utilizing the funds in accordance with your application and stated objectives, successfully launching and completing your initiative within one year, displaying the gender parity logo on your website throughout the year, and agreeing to be featured in promotional activities associated with the fund. These commitments ensure transparency, accountability, and active participation in promoting diversity and parity within the music industry.

Do I need to be an organization in the music industry?


Correct, your organization should operate within the music industry to be eligible for funding.

What if I have access needs for the application?


If you require alternative formats to submit your application, please get in touch with fund@beatport.com.

For further questions:

Please email us at fund@beatport.com if you have any additional inquiries.

All applications considered for the shortlist will undergo rigorous due diligence to ensure legal and fiduciary probity.

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